Are you looking for your Dream Dressage

Are you looking for your Dream Dressage Horse in the Netherlands  Europe.
Let HP Stables show you the way we work only with the best Dressage stables all over the Netherlands .
Much easier (better) than go and look for Dressage horses in a foreign Horse country not knowing where you have to go and find them ( you do not come al the way to visit the Netherlands to see  1-2 a few horses )
HP Stables has a large (data base) selection of Dressage Horses for sale all over the Netherlands. In all ages ,levels, gender (mares geldings stallion) and  prices .  If you visit us we make sure you see a large selection(10-15) of good horses in what you are looking for and within your budget.
We need to know what you are exactly looking for to be able to help you correctly and within your budget . If we say that we can help you , then we really can. (see horses we sold) When you  have your departure dates and visit us,  We make reservations for your Hotel. We meet you at the airport Amsterdam.  We have a nice schedule with horses ready for you.  Looking forward to meet you in the Netherlands Europe .
Do not hesitate to contact HP Stables: email :
  Direct phone: out of Europe you dial  011 31629463522  phone in Europe you dial 0031 629463522

If you visit us 
We arrange for you to be picked up from the Airport Schiphol Amsterdam and we also bring you back to the Airport after you visit
You travel  in are comfortable  Land Rover and we show you all the selected horses in well scheduled program


High quality digital x rays standard USA

**    If you want we take care of the vetting. **
**    Feel fee to thuse your own vet **

**   We send you the digital X-rays and vetting report by email   **
       You will have them the same day the horse is vetted

**   We take care of the blood tests needed for your country   **
         That will take plus minus 5 working day's for a gelding 
       Mare and stallion take 7-10 days  because of the CEM test

**   If needed we wil also send a  fax/email resold and X rays to you own Vet ** 

Shipment to your Country

We arrange Air Transport with the best World Wide Transportation  Horses Service International
They arrange everything also quarantine
There are always groom with the horses during his flied
See website of

Please make note of the following before considering purchasing a horse.



HP Stables serve as agent. We list only the information supplied by the owners or seller of
the horses. We make no guarantees for any horse, either expressed or implied. We are in no way responsible for the condition of these horses before or after transport and are therefore not liable for any injuries that a horse may incur before or after purchase.
HP Stables, however, is not responsible for any false information or misrepresentation provided by a vet, seller, owner or buyer.