Dutch Dressage Breeding stallions KWPN

Dutch Dressage Breeding Stallion Warmblood of the Dutch

This video is from the selection of KWPN Dutch warmblood best young stallion 2013.

Young Stallions KWPN 2013

The KWPN Horse

The Royal Dutch Sport Horse is a Dutch-bred sporthorse with international appeal. It is willing, fearless, physically and mentally strong, and bred to perform at the highest level. It is also reliable, easy to handle, and pleasing to the eye. Because of the KWPN's planned breeding policy, the KWPN horse possesses a sound mind in a sound body. The combination of sport aptitude and an uncomplicated temperament make these horses unique and very popular at all levels of equestrian sport and breeding. Royal Dutch Sport Horses perform under top riders at Grand Prix level in international show jumping and dressage, but many are purchased by breeders, amateur riders, and horse enthusiasts in the Netherlands and abroad.